Gastric Banding

A Bariatric Surgical Procedure

A final solution

Your doctor understands how hard it can be to lose weight and stay on track with a proper diet. But if you're tired of failed diets and want an alternative solution to losing excessive weight and living a healthier and happier life, then you may want to consider gastric banding, gastric bypass, or gastric sleeve surgery.

Limit Food

With the gastric banding procedure, the capacity of the stomach is reduced so that only a limited amount of food can be consumed. It involves inserting a band at the top of the stomach entry point and an injection port that allows the surgeon to control the restriction level of the band.

Multiple Benefits

Weight loss may be your ultimate goal with gastric banding surgery, but there are also other benefits to this procedure. For instance, it can help reduce high blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, reduce type 2 diabetes, and improve physical functioning.

Help Is Available

Most healthcare insurance plans cover bariatric surgery procedures; however, if your plan does not cover it, there are still other options. Many surgical centers understand that you may not have the funds for necessary procedures up front so they offer financing options.

Find Out More

If you are ready to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, gastric banding surgery may be the right solution for you. There are several bariatric surgery centers throughout the U.S. who can perform the procedure. The gastric banding los angeles facility has proved to be an exceptional choice for these procedures.

Surgical Options

Gastric Banding
Gastric Bypass
Gastric Sleeve
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